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Japan Festival CANADA 2018

The annual 2 day festival is currently held in Mississauga, Ontario, at Celebration Square, during the last weekend of August. The Festival attracts a diverse and large number of attendees. The 2018 festival saw a record breaking 80,000 in attendance over the course of the festival weekend. The annual festival showcases Japanese performance, food & drink, technology and contemporary & traditional culture and fashion.

Japan Festival CANADA is committed to be part of the celebration of 90th Anniversary for Japan and Canada Diplomatic Relations honoring both country’s establishment of own Embassy in Canada and Japan during 1928-1929.

Especially Japan Festival CANADA 2018 is themed to bringing more of Japan to Canada and to the world with the highest respect. Expanded Japanese food booths, traditional Japanese entertainment to modern pop culture, the state of art technologies and many more to be experienced and showcased.

At the same time, we are enthusiastically seek for Japanese and Canadian government as well as Municipal government to continue extending their support for the further establishment of both countries. In addition we will continue recruit and seek for the support of already established Japanese corporations in Canada, potential corporations as well as Canadian corporations anticipating to establish in Japan or seeking for business opportunities. Through Japan Festival CANADA we are committed to contribute and lead to the economic boost for both countries.

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