Japan Expo Canada Inc. based in Canada operates as an event planning and operating company specialized in Japanese festivals and events mainly hosted within North America. The main goal is to introduce and disseminate Japanese food, culture and technologies to the world to bring up the Japanese brand and the recognition through Events, Website and SNS network.

Japan Expo Canada Inc. also provides support to existing Japanese companies based in Canada/North America and Japanese companies planning to expand in North American Market to reach to the next level.


Japan Festival CANADA

“Japan Festival CANADA 2017” will be hosted and arranged very similar to Japanese Summer Festival with genuine Japanese food, Japanese fusion food, traditional and modern Japanese cultural stage performances, Exhibition and PR booths for Japanese corporations and etc. The attendees will discover and enjoy tasteful and amazing Japanese food, cultural and technologies.



Japan Expo Canada Inc.

Date of establishment

September, 2016

Business outline

Promotion of Japanese Culture and Industry to the World

Main Activities

Introduce and disseminate Japanese food and products to the world through events such as Japan Festival.

Launching, operating and managing Website/SNS services to introduce interesting topics such as globally renowned Japanese significant persons, trendy Japanese items/products, trendy tour spots, amazing Japanese food and etc.

Provide support for Japanese companies anticipating to expand in Canada or North America through our events possibly involving the regional government sectors or B to B relations.

2 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 750 Mississauga, ON, L4Z1H8, CANADA